Taxation Services

VAT Consultancy

Looking for VAT Consultant to help you in getting fully VAT compliant? At JANBAR FINANCIALS, we can help you plan for your VAT preparation. Our specialist VAT consultants can help you get ready for VAT compliance.

VAT Accounting

JANBAR FINANCIALS offer tax compliance Accounting Service, JANBAR FINANCIAL Sensures business are fully VAT compliant from all perspectives i.e. VAT Accounting, Record Keeping, etc.

VAT Return Filing

VAT return filing is an important mechanism for the viability of VAT system our professional firm provide VAT return filing services as per Bahrain VAT laws.

VAT Registration

Evaluating analyzing client’s business requirement to register for VAT purpose Mandatory or Voluntary, JANBAR FINANCIALS provides VAT registration service to clients and support Businesses in completing the registration process.